We have a range of expertise in electromagnetics and antenna modelling. Please contact us for to enquire about our services in this area.



Computational Electromagnetics:
Computer simulation is becoming an increasingly important component in the development of hardware for all types of EM applications. Computational analysis reduces the design and testing process typically to a single build and test activity with significant reduction in costs.

A further impact of computational simulation is in the extension of the performance envelope beyond that achievable using investigative design methods. Such aspects as cross polarisation minimisation; return loss optimisation, bandwidth enhancement or the interaction of EM with humans.


Less prototyping and testing requirements.

Rapid design cycle.

Greater knowledge of technical information and better understanding.
Application of optimisation strategies.
Computational tools and techniques:
Research and software development is an essential core activity to support and extend capability. In this process key technology areas are identified for focused activity. Fastidious attention to software quality, validation and testing against the latest published research ensure accurate results. Languages used are C, C++ and Fortran and other languages.

Computational algorithms:
Our major expertise is based on time-domain methods such as the Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) method or Finite Integral Technique (FIT). We are therefore model most of the applications on commercial and in-house tools which are based on these algorithms.

Synthesis tools:
We design software for continuous or discrete aperture distributions, all standard forms including synthesis algorithms and optimisation methods for pattern synthesis and array configuration analysis.

Geometry modelling:
A number of applications are developed, from data import, geometry modelling and meshing through to data visualisation tools.

Hardware control:
We have a major experience in creating software which interface with hardware tools and actuators for the purpose of automating the processes of control and measurement.

We undertake design, modelling and prototyping services for antennas and associated radio equipment.
Our major activity is the application of numerical techniques in the design and fabrication of hardware and the assessment of hardware performance. Our extent of computational electromagnetic tools and modelling experience provides optimal facilities for solution of complex engineering problems in a diverse range of applications. With powerful commercial and in-house software development across the range of numerical methods, various requirements are easily accommodated as part of the service.
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