Our focus is aimed at total high quality and yet cost effective antenna and electromagnetic solutions. Our customized RF antenna design services are backed by a range of in-house and top of the range commercial modelling software.

We are delighted to offer customer-specific solutions with the support of our highly skilled and highly experienced specialised consultancy team.


REC Technologies Ltd is a UK based engineering consultancy that provides expertise in the form of knowledge and skills in technical computing in an EM engineering context with application in design and analysis for antenna structures and related technology. Excellent analytical capability together with extensive use of computational electromagnetic techniques enables a thorough process from design and implementation to performance assessment.

Our prime aim is to supply cost effective, reliable, value added design and consultancy services for antennas and EM devices and communication technologies.

REC Technologies Ltd develops and markets electronic products and solutions that bring high-quality performance electronic and electromagnetic challenges.


All our consultancy staff and associates have qualifications including post-graduate degrees where most staff are qualified to MSc or PhD levels. Most importantly, each personnel are effective communicators, involved in making regular presentations at international conferences, meetings and at workshops.

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