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We are committed to understanding our customer's requirements and supplying tailored, practical solutions that meet those needs. We aim to developing long-term business relationships with our customers and therefore we aim to maintain customer satisfaction as one of our principal objectives.

The company maintains a commitment to in-house R&D activity to provide a modelling and simulation capability at the forefront of current computing techniques, and to utilise this in providing innovative solutions that enhance our clients’ business objectives.

Our capability in antenna design covers most major classes of antenna including resonant and non-resonant planar and linear slotted arrays; transmission lines and feeds; horns; narrow-band and wide-band and ultra-wide bandwidth structures as well as low-SAR communication antennas.

F E A T U R E D   P R O D U C T S
3D EM CAD rendering
With an extensive experience in the field of data visualization and simulation of electromagnetic problems, we provide an extensive range of solutions for modelling and visualising electromagnetic problems in three-dimensional space. . . . see details
Antenna design solutions
Our radiofrequency design and optimisation processes for antennas and transmission lines enable minimal dimensions and weight as well as an appealing appearance while operating well within varyingly complex environments. . . . see details
Market Research Survey
Our services are now extended to offer Market Research Survey in the area of electronic/electromagnetic & antenna in association with EM eXperts Ltd. You can request further information on our website or visit
Software solutions
In addition to our software-automated electromagnetic measurements and robotic controls, we can now offer commercial 3D solutions to complement your products. You can request further information through our website.
Prototypes & Optimisation
A number of specialised tools are now being acquired for our prototype and optimisation solutions.
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